Feb 7, 2010

besties terhebad for a past 5 years in SMKDE

ini aku dpt ilham, idea, sumber, pencetus, peledak dari satu blog neh..
mentang2 dah nk abes skola, taon teakhir ler katekn...
jd post kali nie aku nk knalkn kat sume bloggers and followers kalian,
besties, kwan terbaek yg penah aku knal...

for my knowledgeable, interpretable, and understanding..
is a person that close to you, know you, understand you, like you no matter what, love you, care you, always be with you, cheer you when you sad, hear your probs, help you to solve it, and etc.
for my life, a friend is really need to me..
the story begins..

on da month of january in 2006,
i was choosen to be at SMKDE as my secondary school...
i was picked to be on 1 Alfa 2..
da first day of school on SMKDE where all my knowledgeable about friends begin..
on my first day, it always have an assembly on every each of school..
at da assembly, i was standing and beratur ikot barisan klas..
dpn tuh ade sorg girl nie.. die agak tinggi and wear spek..
so, without any perception, i asked her name and came from which elementary school..
she told me and dats where i meet her.. she's da one i first know and became friends until now..
for five years, i know her, her attitude, spokes, and etc.
then, i also know dis another girl..
pretty, maybe genius, but too lurus and accept any without thinking first..
she's da one my besties until now..
on dat class also, i know and make friends with many people.. and there's is another girl dat i know and became close also...

then, in da second year i was 'upgrade' to an upper class..
they also were been upgrade also.. we were upgrade to a class of 2 Alfa 1..
on da class of 2 alfa 1, i meet 3 new girl dat i dunno before..
although we were same elementary school, but we didn't know each other..
they both are my closes friends until now..

on the third year of my secondary school, dat year was da most important year to me and my coleaugue.. it was year of PMR..
on dat year we became more close and more cheer..
to me it suppose can't be like dat, we were suppose be focusing on study..
but, all laughing, playing and happiness doesn't ruin our PMR results..
for me 2008 was da best year eva..

then, when we become a form 4 student,
many choices we need to decide..
our results PMR are good, but there are 2 class for science stream..
some of my friends are in lamda and theta (science stream class)
although we were separate, we still be best friends..
even though the relationship got some gap and obstacle..
but, we managed to stay being friends until now..
2010, is our SPM year..
we got many things to study..
alot of things to focus on..
and to achieve 9A's is our target..
from now on, i will reduce my comp. time..
and focusing on study especially on science subject dat i lack on..
my relationship with my friends will never apart..
moreover, it will be more close, tight and stronger..

p/s; i didn't mention who are my friends dat i've wrote, it will be on my next post..
just wait ah..

until next post,

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