Mar 14, 2010

monarki,aritokrasi,anarki,ape lagi hah?

a lil bit overdo on the title..
many blog i've visits, especially malay la,
many of them are using the LAA words like me..
what on my mind rite now is, why the word laa??
i also questioning myself, why LAA??
is it just for additional words as catalyst in speaks or writes??
i wrote this doesnt mean i hate malay, im just questioning myself..
i also use the word laa oke, and it feels great..

next topics!
yesterday was my cousins bday was great.. they sets up a bbq and a lot of food..
they were superb delicious!
thanx for the invites!
and her adorable cute lil thinggy cats! can i take them home??
so cute and playful!
some pics i stole from my cousin fb.. hee

aren't they adorable especially the black ones!!

wishing moments!
until next post,

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